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With the perfect, art piece, your gift idea can represent the deep understanding and appreciation that you have for your loved ones. 

Artist Mission

Scott Benites (b.1991) is a New York art prodigy taking over the New York and world art scene. Growing up on the upper west side, he has found inspiration in city architecture, scenic moments in nature and the hustle and bustle of the city.  His art is quirky, unique, and gritty filled with social-political overtones. Many of his unique pieces share an intimate story of New York City streets.“My mission is to enhance people’s lives through art, creativity, and self-expression. I want to make art accessible and make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

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Contemporary Abstract Art
Abstract artwork with deep and profound themes revealed by the angular lines and colors.
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What is FineArts91?

FineArts91 is an online Art gallery devoted to providing the customer with high quality contemporary Art. The site is managed by the Artist who sells his giclee canvas prints directly to the consumer. His handcrafted originals oil paintings are also available upon request of the works. Scott is a skilled oil painter with over ten years of experience in the field he is sure to provide you with finest quality Artwork.